Metamaterial Based Lenses

Metamaterial Based LensesMetamaterial Based Lenses.


At the Optics Department of TNO Delft, a research program on the development of non conventional lenses that can beat the diffraction limit has been initiated in the last years. These components are based on optical metamaterials. These are artificially engineered structures obtained by loading standard dielectric substrates with sub-wavelength metallic and/or dielectric scattering particles. These inclusions modify the macroscopic constitutive parameters of the original material, such as permittivity and permeability, thus realizing electromagnetic properties that would otherwise not be available in nature, and hence enabling the realization of revolutionary components and subsystems. Optical metalenses, together with super-oscillatory lenses, are considered key revolutionary technologies for the development of a new generation of sensing/metrology instruments.

Project description.

The objective of this project is the development of a full-dielectric metamaterial flat lens. After an overview of different concepts, the best solution for the given requirements will be selected and an accurate electromagnetic design will be performed. Material characteristics, at the chosen optical frequencies, and manufacturing tolerances, achievable with advanced manufacturing technologies, will be carefully evaluated during the design phase. The designed structure will be manufactured and tested. The analysis of the test results and the definition of possible improvements or correction actions will conclude the project.